Social Care Home Villa Maria

About Villa Maria

“Vila Maria” Social Care Home for adults with psychiatric disorders or intellectual disabilities is a public institution under the umbrella of the Ministry for Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy of the Republic of Croatia, founded by the Republic of Croatia.

The Chamber was established in 2001 and provides care services for adult mentally ill persons:

  • long-term and temporary accommodation services
  • full-day and half-day stay services
  • organized housing with assistance services
  • home help services.

Services are provided in the renovated villa and a new modern building, surrounded by a large landscaped park. Residents have at their disposal a multipurpose living room, living rooms with kitchenettes, a dining room, a polyvalent hall, work therapy room, a chapel, visitors’ facilities, a hairdresser’s salon and other recreational facilities. Eighty qualified staff members are taking care of 195 people.

Žena na klupi


Individual approach in working with the beneficiary, socialization, joint detection, empowering and encouraging beneficiary’s preferences, skills and abilities with the support of family and community.

Ženske ruke sa staklenom kuglom


Achieving the greatest possible independence of the beneficiaries while taking into account their individual needs, in addition to providing technical assistance in planning their life inside and outside the institution.

Zamućena ženska lica


Services are provided to an adult with mental impairment who, without professional help, can not organize and master his or her everyday life.

Basic principles of work

The beneficiary of social services exercises rights under the principles of social welfare: freedom of choice in accordance with individual needs, community involvement, timely provision of services, respect for human rights and user integrity, prohibition of discrimination, provision of the information on rights and services, participation in decision-making, confidentiality and personal information protection, respect for privacy, a right to file complaints.